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Pack Sizes

Wholesale orders must adhere to our pack sizes. Pack sizes are always listed in your Range Book, however should you need quick access to our guide, it is outlined in the table below.
S, M, L, XL 4 or 8

4 = 1 x each size

8 = 2 x each size

S/M, M/L 4 or 8

4 = 2 x each size

8 = 3 x each size

FREE 4 or 6

4 = 4 x size

6 = 6 x size

CURVE 4 or 6

4 = 4 x size

6 = 6 x size

As our product listings are added to cart one by one, we are trusting you to adhere to our pack guides. Please know our minimum pack quantity is 4, even though our website allows you to add less than this to your order, we will contact you to adjust your order to ensure it meets our pack guidelines. The only exception will be if we only have less than the minimum pack size remaining in stock, in which case we are happy to allow you to take the remaining stock even though it does not complete a pack. 
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