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PQ New Arrivals | Hinterland

Explore the natural wonders beyond the city sounds with PQ Collection's latest range 'Hinterland'. Drawing inspiration from the land, 'Hinterland' embodies the organic shapes, colours and textures found in bubbling brooks, rugged mountains and vast forests. 'Hinterland' will take you on an escape from reality and have you dreaming of a weekend retreat spent relaxing in the hills.

Express your personal style in cosy, comfortable and easy-to-wear styles in deep earthy tones and bold prints. You'll find popular PQ favourites such as the Peak Maxi Dress, Twirl Tie Skirt, Nice Top and Everyday Pant - PLUS exciting new styles such as the Ruche Dress and Fly High Dress.

Whether you're looking for comfortable and classy workwear to rock in the office, or a new statement piece for your next event, 'Hinterland' has something for everyone.

Keep an eye on our NEW ARRIVALS as new 'Hinterland' prints and styles continue to drop throughout Winter.
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