Shop by Body Shape


Here at PQ Collection, we are incredibly proud to cater to women of all shapes and sizes. While we encourage our customers to be experimental with their personal style (fashion should be fun after all!), with no hard and fast rules about who should wear what, we also know their are many ladies who struggle with picking the right styles to flatter their figure. This is why we're offering a Shop by Body Shape feature. 

hourglass body shape


Hourglass body shapes are typically described as curvy, with bust and hips measuring roughly even, and a well defined waist. This shape suits styles that cinch the waist, and a v-neckline. Flowing or oversized styles will look best when belted for extra definition. Shop our selection of styles for hourglass body shape here.
straight body shape


Straight body shapes are roughly even across shoulders and hips, with little definition around the waist. This shape suits a wide variety of styles, and structured dresses that bring shape will flatter the figure. Clothes will hang well from a strong shoulder line and fitted pants will highlight those great legs. Shop our collection of styles for Straight body shapes here.

apple body shape


Apple body shapes typically have a fuller upper body - a wider torso, broad shoulders and full bust, waist and upper back. Apple shapes also have slimmer legs and hips that work well with fitted styles. Apple shapes work best with scoop and v-necklines, empire waist lines and a-line silhouettes. Shop our recommended styles for Apple body shapes here.
triangle body shape


Triangle body shapes (sometimes referred to as inverted triangle shape) are broader in the shoulder than the hip. Flattering this body type is centred around creating balance. Embracing a wider leg trouser, or fuller skirt, waterfall style cardigans will achieve this. Shop our recommended styles for Triangle body shapes here.
pear body shape


Pear shaped bodies tend to have fuller hips, thighs and bottoms, and a smaller shoulder, waist and bust. Clean, tailored lines on the bottom will help balance your shape, along with high waisted options to elongate. Defining your smaller waist will flatter the figure. Shop our recommended styles for Pear body shapes here.

maternity body shape


For those wonderful women growing life! Of course maternity body shapes have a larger midsection compared to the rest of the body. While some things in your wardrobe will need to be maternity specific like jeans, a lot of our styles that work as maternity wear will work for you post-pregnancy and much longer too. Dressing to flatter your figure during this time includes opting for items that have ruche detailing, empire waistlines and breezy, flowing dresses that won't make you feel restricted. Shop our Maternity friendly styles here.
We also have a range of styles that have buttons or other design features that make them breastfeeding friendly. Shop our selection of nursing friendly styles here.