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Christmas Gift Ideas

by Adriana Heesh

'Tis the season to be jolly! Unless you, like me, haven't yet bought a single gift for any of your loved ones, and that makes it the season to feel a little stressed and disorganised but mostly excited! I've been doing this gifting lark for a few years now, and feel confident that some of my gifts are pretty great. Not to toot my own horn, but I have given t-shirts with my face on them, so you could pretty much say I'm a pro. 

In all seriousness, here is a collection of gift ideas (feel free to use the t-shirt one though, it got a lot of giggles) that vary in price to suit your needs. There's no better feeling then nailing something special for somebody you love, and hopefully some of these can be that for you.

1. The gift of an activity! We spend so much time walking around the shops being indecisive about whether or not that person will actually wear the top you think looks just like their style but you can't be sure. Skip the carpark nightmare and book something fun to do instead. That way not only do you get the warm fuzzies from somebody loving your gift, you also get to do the thing too! Win win. My top suggestions for doing things:

  • Search what upcoming shows are touring to your city. If there's a band or play you know your special someone will like that's a major score. If that's a bit more than you'd like to spend, consider looking into a smaller theatre company. In Brisbane, my go to is the Powerhouse for a selection of small scale plays/comedians/shows that have hands down been some of the best performances I've seen.
  • Wine and paint class! Or maybe pottery, think of something you two have always said you wanted to try but never actually done. Arial yoga? Dancing? Take the leap, try something new and if you don't find a secret hidden talent, at least you can have some laughs. 
  • For the less crafty and more game-y types, there are Escape Rooms, virtual reality warehouses where you book a slot, get given a ridiculous vest and toy weapon, then spend 30 minutes wondering around a giant warehouse in the dark. No I kid, it's a lot more fun than that and a great gift for kids too!
  • Drive in movies! Go back in time and relive the novelty of eating popcorn in you car. Just make sure you car battery is sufficiently charged because there's always a few who need a jumpstart at the end of the credits. 

2. Maybe your friend lives away, or is too busy to try and pin a date in. In that instance, there are gift vouchers! We of course have our PQ gift cards which are perfect to take the stress out of choosing, but you can also shop spa vouchers, eReader vouchers, and so much more. I know some people are hesitant to gift a voucher thinking it might feel impersonal, but ask yourself this, when have you ever been disappointed by receiving a gift card? My answer is 0 times.

3. Something that is super affordable but doesn't lose the personal touch are baked goods in a jar! Check our image above for the right idea. You might have seen these floating around Pinterest but essentially you layer all the dry ingredients for say, Brownies, in a jar. Pop the recipe on a cute little card around the lid and they have almost instant brownies. This one won't break the bank, has a personal touch, and you can easily cater to any dietary requirements which can be tricky! This makes a perfect idea for teachers gifts, Secret Santa, a neighbour, or even a stocking filler. 

4. Reusable coffee cup! We love that reusable coffee cups are really trending at the moment - make it personalised by choosing the colours your loved one will enjoy most - the brand Keep Cup lets you choose colours, as does Frank Green, who even offers monogramming. There are loads of brands available though, so pick one you think they'll love most.

If you're still stuck for one really fussy person, I try and list 5 things I know the person I'm shopping for loves. A movie, a book, whatever it is and brainstorm from there. And if that doesn't help, ask them to come Christmas shopping with you and keep an eye out for anything they say is 'cute' haha!

Happy gifting season and remember you don't have to spend enormous amounts of money to share the love. Sometimes a printed picture in a frame with some words on the back about that person can have more meaning than anything else. 

Until next time!

The PQ Family xx

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